Citylights Global December 2016 Newsletter

Citylights Global December 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Citylights Global,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers and practical support through 2016.  It has been a spectacular year for Citylights Global.  There is too much to tell, so here are the statistics and highlights.  You can also link to a short video clip of the action from this year!

  • Over 260 meetings preached (I attended about 40 more).
  • 11 nations
  • 170,000+ miles flown
  • 178 nights away from home in 36 different hotel rooms/beds. (Maree could come with me for 41 of these; 23 nights were spent on planes)
  • Hundreds of pastors (19 different pastors’ conferences/seminars) and churches touched, people saved, healed, baptized in water and the Holy Spirit and delivered!

One of the highlights for me this year, was going back to places I have been and hearing testimonies of lives that had been touched on a previous visit.  Some were saved and now in leadership in a local church; others had been launched into ministry – pastoral and missionary work.  I lost track of the number that reported on prophetic words spoken to them that had come to pass.  It would be impossible to measure the “Kingdom” impact as it spread out from the meetings.



So far, I have felt to make 5 solid commitments for the New Year.  It’s not a shortage of invitations.  In fact, I will need to put some off till 2018!  Prayerful decisions need to be made on the balance between continuing to work with established relationships and responding to NEW invitations to 6 new nations currently before me. Please pray along with us on this.

As these invitations are on “the mission field”, we also need the financial resources to make the commitment. (Refer to our previous newsletter in November).  A decision needs to be made in about 3 weeks.



We have had the privilege of working with a “transition home for trafficked and “at risk” women in India. To date, you have helped us purchase bunk beds, a generator, a refrigerator and a brush cutter for the home.  They now have 6 residents – all with heart breaking stories – and as they get more resources and the right staff they will be able to take up to 16 young women and turn their lives around.  Go here to read their last newsletter.



As we come to the end of the year, many are considering a tax-deductible donation.  Would you prayerfully consider Citylights Global?  There is much work to be done and we ask for your partnership with us in the harvest.  In the USA, all donations marked by or before Dec 31st will be eligible to receive a tax deduction for the financial year 2016.

You can donate online before midnight on Dec 31st at or mail a check dated and postmarked on or before Dec 31st to:

Citylights Global

PO Box 654

Big Lake, MN 55309


We want to take this opportunity once more to thank you for your love, prayers and support this last year and wish you Gods best for 2017.

All For Jesus,

Ian & Maree Peters

Citylights Global