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Ian Peters has served in various ministry roles since he was a teenager. Now, having been a cell leader, worship leader, youth pastor, associate pastor, senior pastor and an itinerant minister, he brings that vast experience to minister to you! He is currently the Apostolic Overseer of the Omega Team – an International Apostolic Network of minsters and ministries – in addition to founding Citylights Global – a ministry that has taken him to preach the Gospel in over 20 nations to date.

His ministry can best be described as “Apostolic/Prophetic” with a passion for training 5 Fold Ministers and Leaders as well as encouraging the local church. As one pastor put it, “he ministers truth with humor, imparts faith with vision and passion with power”.

At the end of June 2015, Ian and Maree felt it was time to step down from pastoring their local church and ‘get back on the road’ where their passion lies.  Whether ministering to leaders, business people, in revival meetings/camps or one on one, you can expect that Ian will bring the word of the Lord for your situation.

Here is one suggestion of how Ian can help your church:


What does it take to truly LEAD a congregation in a heartfelt response to the Living God?  How can we prepare an atmosphere where the Lord is “enthroned on our praises” and His Presence fills the place?

Ian has led praise and worship in many settings from large conferences to smaller intimate settings since he was 16 years old as a singer, musician and especially a worshipper.  This blend of ability, experience and heart attitude, gives him a unique and rare perspective.  He has used this background to train others to truly LEAD the congregation in Praise and Worship rather than simply performing the song and hope that others join in!  In the sessions he will teach:

  • The simple Biblical definition of Praise and Worship – that’s right, you don’t need a college degree to understand this!
  • How to Pray, Prepare, Practice, “Perform” so that PEOPLE are engaged
  • Choosing the right key so EVERYONE can sing – not just the lead singer on stage
  • Using dynamics (tempo, loud/soft, key changes, dropping/adding instruments) to bring the congregation on a journey
  • The importance of learning basic music theory so you understand related keys, chord progressions, simple composition and how to NOT have to rely on sheet music all the time
  • The role of the leader and how they relate to the team and the Lead Pastor
  • AND MUCH MORE – time permitting

Workshops typically run about 4 one hour sessions but can be tailored to suit specific needs.  They may be run over a couple of evenings or as an all-day/half day event on a Saturday.  Some churches have found it a good idea to host an evening of Praise and Worship with Ian and the local team following this teaching to put it all into practice.

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