How to be a superhero!

How to be a superhero!

Mark 16:17

Hollywood loves all things supernatural – from zombies, vampires and ghosts to superhero movies – Superman, Batman, the Hulk, Dare Devil, Spiderman; the Flash…  In all these movies people have been touched by special power to make them “more than human” – some touched by goodness others by darkness.

The Bible also has super heroes!  We don’t call them super heroes; we refer to them as men and women of God.  He took normal ordinary people with natural gifts, talent and ability and super charged them so they did exploits beyond their own ability. This was the work of the Holy Spirit.

Sadly, a large portion of the modern church has tended to ignore the power of the Holy Spirit or down played the importance of His ministry.  But the Bible declares the Holy Spirit is God. The impact He has on people is awesome and makes natural people supernatural – He comes upon/fills ordinary people and makes them extra ordinary.

Acts 2 saw the release of a fresh dimension of the supernatural into the natural realm. What was once the experience of a “few” people as the Holy Spirit came upon them, is now accessible to EVERY believer.

Operating in signs and wonders:

  1. Signifies the release of the power of God into the earthly realm
  2. Results in the release of thanksgiving, praise and worship to God
  3. Celebrates the release of provision from God
  4. Releases supernatural revelation to the natural mind


Allow God into your life – decide to surrender to His will and power in and through you today. Humble yourself before the mighty hand of God and invite His Holy Spirit to fill you – to add His “Super” to your natural.