The Anointing

Many people think of the anointing as a warm fuzzy feeling that they get inside; or goose bumps on their skin; or chills running up and down their spine.  For some it’s the emotion evoked by a familiar old song they used to sing or any of a whole range of ‘feelings’ based reactions.  As Christians we need to learn to differentiate between the anointing and the feeling of nostalgia; between the anointing and simply the good groove of a song; between the anointing and having our ears tickled by something that the preacher is saying.  We must learn to go beyond the surface feelings and go deeper into what the Lord really wants to do in and through us.

The anointing is not star power, available only to a certain few people or celebrity ministers.  It is not a rush of adrenaline or emotions – though our emotions are often affected by the anointing.  Simply stated, the anointing is God’s supernatural empowering and ability to do what He has called us to do.  Simple!  In all the research that I have done, in all the questions that I’ve asked and all the opinions that have been expressed, this is the one thing that seems to keep coming out over and over again. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is not goose bumps or a weird feeling in your belly.  It is the Divine enabling through the Holy Spirit in order to accomplish the will of God for your life.

Every believer has an anointing from God – His presence and ability available in our lives.  Through this anointing, the Holy Spirit will teach us, give us revelation and empower us if we will listen and yield.  John 16:13; 1 John 2:27.

I could play you music and sing you songs that would move you to tears.  That would not necessarily mean the singer or the song is anointed.  It could be that I have combined certain chord patterns and lyrics that will produce the desired emotional reaction.  On the other hand, I could sing you anointed songs that would not necessarily move you to tears or joy.  Remember, the anointing is not adrenaline, nostalgia or emotions.  Our emotions are affected by the anointing yet the bottom line must always be what the Holy Spirit is doing in your heart.

The cry of my heart is that we would experience the reality of the anointing day in and day out; that supernatural ability from God to do the things that He has called and ordained for us to do.

Excerpt from “FRESH OIL” – Living and functioning in the power of God.  Available Oct 2015.  Contact us to order your copy now.