What will this cost?

Ian does not ask a set fee for ministry. He does ask that you bear in mind that this is a “full time” ministry and how he derives an income. Consideration for travel costs and provision of accommodation at a reasonable local hotel/motel and a free will love offering is all he asks. Details can be worked out to suit individual situations. Separate checks for expenses and offerings should be made out to “Citylights Global” and handed to Ian after the final scheduled session.

Can we work with other churches in the region to help offset the cost of travel, accommodation and other expenses?

ABSOLUTELY! The ultimate goal of Citylights is to work with as many churches in the city to maximize our impact.

Who is Citylights Global connected with/accountable to?

Ian is an Ordained member of The Omega Team. He and his ministry organization are fully accountable to the Board of Citylights Global as well as the Board of The Omega Team.

Does Ian bring any resources/product for sale at the meetings?

Yes, if you agree, Ian can bring audio recordings of messages, music and books and make them available for sale. Someone to help watch over the table and handle the sales will allow Ian to focus on ministry and connecting with the people. Details can be tailored for each situation.